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Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot
Tuesday, October 4, 2005
Damn Yankees
I thought it going in and I'm just as convinced now that the New York Yankees are the front-runners to win the World Series. They looked pretty good against the Los Angeles/California/Anaheim/Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim tonight, winning 4-1. The downside of watching the game is listening to the inanities spewed by Fox broadcasters Tim McCarver and Joe Buck. They demonstrated their cluelessness in the first inning when discussing Yankee manager Joe Torre's decision to start Mike Mussina in Game 1 of the Divisional Series, citing Mussina's experience in postseason Game 1's. While they were talking, Fox posted a stat showing that Mussina had started six Game 1's in his career, but had not pitched particularly well in them. Of course, Buck and McCarver bent over backwards talking about the two starts Mussina actually had pitched well in.

Jeanne Zelasko: worst hair on TV.

I got a flat tire after work last Thursday and it took me until Sunday afternoon to get a new one, basically because I needed a ride to the tire store. It took me a couple of hours Thursday evening to put my spare donut on, because A) my lug wrench snapped in two, and B) none of my neighbors who were home had one that was the right size (after they graciously dug them from their trunks). Finally, another neighbor returned and not only had a wrench that fit my nuts, but also helped take the tire off. It was dark by the time I got the spare on, but when I went to take it on a test drive, I found out that the spare was flat too. Yes, I did some cursing. So I sat on my rear in the apartment all weekend until my dad could come by Sunday and drive me to Wal-Mart, where I shelled out $84 for a new tire. Since I had just the week before received a $75 check from The Hub for writing film reviews, I figured this must be some higher power's idea of a funny joke. Heh.

I'm really liking SUPERNATURAL, even though A) some of the story points stretch believability (the two leads have little trouble getting people to believe their cockamamie stories of ghosts and monsters) and B) it pretty blatantly rips off THE X-FILES, not surprising, perhaps, considering its first three episodes were helmed by two of THE X-FILES' best directors. I like the simple straightforwardness of the storytelling and the relationship between the leading characters, who are brothers and act like it. For instance, in tonight's episode, the older brother got some gunk on his fingers and surreptitiously wiped it off on his brother's suit. There also was some humor between them when one brother discovered the other was afraid of flying, which sucks when you have to board an airplane piloted by a demon that plans to crash it in 40 minutes.

Posted by Marty at 10:47 PM CDT
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